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Week 8/52: New Project


I was really trying to stick to just one project and not start another one until I finished the granny stripe blanket.  I couldn’t do it.  This week I started knitting a new sock, and then I began crocheting a new afghan.  It’s the Attic 24 Cottage Blanket yarn pack and pattern.

You’ll notice that I didn’t take the time to weave in those tail ends.  Old habits die hard.



Author: FC5

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3 thoughts on “Week 8/52: New Project

  1. Very nice! Perfect for spring!!

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  2. This is another beautiful project you are doing. I am same as you have several projects and can’t finish too. But you know I finished my sweater that you inspired me. And it was the first time. This year I learned how to knit a sock, it really made me so busy, and now I want to make these waves 🙂 I haven’t done before.. Thank you dear knitting friend, have a nice and enjoyable new week, Love, nia

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