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Day 307/365: New Project

Remember the tangled mess from my memory blanket class?

I decided to set that aside and start a proper blanket of mitered squares.  I went into the yarn stash and saw that I had this bundle of yarn that I’d purchased some time ago to make the granny stripe blanket designed by Lucy of Attic 24.


I thought, You know what?  I’m going to use these to make a colorful knitted blanket of patchwork squares, instead.

So I got started.


There are a few advantages to making a knitted afghan this way.  Each square goes by fairly quickly and the process involves decreases, so you’re not just knitting back and forth lengthwise and getting bored.  You can switch to a different color when you start a new square, so your eyes don’t get tired of looking at the same color yarn throughout the whole project.

There is one drawback that I can see, though.


There are a lot of loose ends to be woven in.



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Day 306/365: The Strawberry Patchwork Quilt

Facebook does this thing where it will notify you of photos that you posted three years ago, two years ago, a year ago.  This morning it reminded me that one year ago, I shared this photo:


This is a patchwork quilt that I finished last October, using a combination of newly purchased fabric and a pink strawberry print that I’d been saving for years.  The back of the quilt is made with a Strawberry Shortcake cotton fabric that a friend of mine had given me several years ago.


The quilt is sitting on a shelf in the linen closet and I’d forgotten about it until today when Facebook reminded me.  Now that the weather is cooling down, I’ll have to bring it out of storage and enjoy it.



Day 299/365: Memory Blanket Class


This evening my good friend Pat and I attended a knitting class to learn how to make a modular blanket out of mitered squares.

Here is my first square that I finished in class:


Here is the instructor’s sample:


As you can see, it’s a great way to use up scrap yarn.  Also, the work in progress resembles a patchwork quilt, and I do love patchwork quilts.

I am already thinking of the design possibilities and feeling very excited about this new addition to my knitting repertoire.


Day 214/365: Set of 3 Quilted Placemats, Completed


We got back to Morro Bay this afternoon and I finished sewing the binding to the third placemat in the set of three that I’d been making for my cousin.

Here is a view of their backsides:



This was a fun little project and a good way to use up scrap fabric.  I’ve been enjoying the sewing and quilting process.  Now I’m thinking of sewing more napkins or making a quilted table runner.



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Day 213/365: Quilted Placemat #3, So Close to Done!

We’re at the Ventura homestead this weekend, and once again, the problem with keeping two residences has reared its ugly head.  I was hand-sewing the binding on my third quilted placemat, and I ran out of thread.  I hadn’t thought to bring more thread with me, and all of my sewing notions are up in the Morro Bay house.  So I can’t finish the placemat until we drive back to Morro Bay tomorrow.

This isn’t the first time that Sean and I have been at one place and realized that something we needed was sitting at the other place, 150 miles and two counties away.  Last week Sean brought his computer up to Morro Bay and discovered that he’d left the power cord back in Ventura.

But there are worse problems in the world.

In the meantime, I have this:


So close to done!