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Week 10/52: New ‘do

I was going to share photos of this week’s sock progress (one finished sock and two new ones on the needles!), but I spent five hours at the hair salon this afternoon, and then Sean and I had An Event to attend, and by the time we got home this evening, it was too late to take any good sock photos for the blog.

I did, however, take Before and After photos of my hair, so I figure I’ll share those, instead.

The big deal about today’s ‘do is that I’d spent the last two years growing out my hair and keeping my natural haircolor.  My original plan was to cut off 12 inches and donate it to Locks of Love.  As my hair got longer, though, I realized that I really didn’t want to part with it.  Also, I was informed by friends on social media that Locks of Love charges for the wigs that they make out of donated hair.  That’s when I definitely decided not to cut my hair and to go ahead and chemically treat it.

So I went from this, this morning:


to this, this afternoon:


And tomorrow I’ll share photos of my socks, I promise.



Day 342/365: No Major Progress

Sadly, I have nothing new or interesting to report today.  I went back to work (Tuesdays are my Mondays), and then I had to run some errands, complete my workout, and make dinner.  The crocheted afghan has not grown much; I’ve only added a few more stitches in the little amount of time I’d had.  I didn’t take any photos because there’s not a whole lot of progress there to show.  So I leave you instead with this pretty picture from Sunday.