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Day 16/365: Stripes



As I mentioned previously, I was summoned to serve jury duty this Friday.  I spent most of today sitting in a courtroom.  During the morning orientation in the juror assembly room, we were informed that the county was at an all-time high of 184 cases waiting to go to trial.  So of course it was inevitable that my name was selected for a juror pool.  I reported to the courtroom and sat through proceedings, and at the end of the day the judge ordered us to return on Tuesday because Monday is a holiday.

The good news is that I completed the mate to the toe-up purple hand-dyed merino wool sock that you’ve already seen in previous posts.  I also had the above orange and black striped sock that I started in Morro Bay and brought down to Ventura with me.  I got all the way to the heel today, but I wasn’t able to take a good photo because the sun was already setting when I got home.

I was able to take this photo this morning in the juror assembly room, though.  So you can see how my day started:  I got the seat right behind the trash can.


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10 thoughts on “Day 16/365: Stripes

  1. I either need to learn to knit or go back to crocheting. I ALWAYS get picked. Have served in 2 juries in row now…

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  2. LOL, beautiful yarn, much to ponder in the contrast of trash can and treasured heirloom, beautiful yarn! Is it hand-spun? I love those colors together.


    • Thanks! This particular orange and black sock is actually Patons self-striping sock yarn. I will be posting photos of the purple hand-dyed merino wool socks later this weekend, though.

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