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Day 39/365: More for the Stash

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Remember when I got called to jury duty and then was ordered by the judge to return the following week?

So, even though the case ended up being dismissed, I guess that extra day that I showed up was considered jury service.  I didn’t get the $15 a day that the county pays for compensation, because I’m a state employee (and well, because state employees receive paid Jury Leave).  I did, however, receive reimbursement for mileage.  I was pleasantly surprised to open the envelope from the county Superior Court to find money and not a subpoena.  It was a nice fat check payable to me for the amount of a whopping two dollars and thirty-eight cents.  Whoopee!  It was burning such a hole in my pocket that naturally I had to go out and spend it all.

I went to one of my favorite local independent fabric and yarn shops, where they were having a big sale on yarn.  It wasn’t until I got my haul home that I noticed my chosen fibers all had something in common.  Today, for some reason, I guess I must have been drawn to the color green.




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