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Day 38/365: Crocheted Coast Ripple Blanket



A Deliberately Messy Pile so that the After photos will look that much more impressive.

This weekend I’m down at the Ventura homestead instead of Morro Bay.  I brought my knitting with me, but I just wasn’t feeling it.  I’m honestly bored with the monotony of knitting around and around and around in stockinette on this sweater.  I’m thinking about changing it up and switching to a crocheted lace pattern for the remaining two-thirds of the body, but it’s more work than I want to get into right now.

Luckily, I have another work-in-progress here:  I’m crocheting my own Coast Ripple Blanket, as designed by Lucy from Attic 24.  The colors really do capture the feel of the coast, and it’s an easy ripple pattern to remember.  And this time I’m getting better about weaving in the ends as I change colors, having learned my lesson from The Secret Ugly Side that this afghan is still sporting.


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