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Day 51/365: 3rd Training Seminar



If you’ve been following this blog since last month, you’ll know that I already had to sit through two all-day trainings and one full day of jury duty.  Today was my third all-day seminar in the span of less than two months.

I got to the conference room forty-five minutes early so I could get a seat in the back near the restrooms and exit doors.  I was fortunate enough to snag the best remaining seat for that purpose, and then this guy came along and sat in front of me:


I am barely five foot three inches tall, and that is exactly my view of the screen.  It was a bummer.  I had to move my chair several inches over to the left and into the aisle just to get a better view.

I thought I would learn some new things today, but it was pretty much a refresher course on personality disorders and empirically validated treatments.  Luckily, I brought my knitting, and that helped pass the time… until an hour and a half into the presentation when I’d completed two-thirds of the foot and realized:  Shit, I couldn’t start the gusset because I left the instructions at home.  In Morro Bay.  And I was in Ventura.  Two and a half hours away, about a hundred and fifty miles apart.

You can imagine my dismay.



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