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Day 66/365: Not A Nothing Day

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“I don’t have anything to write about for tonight’s blog post,” I told Sean.  “Today was kind of a nothing day.”

“You could write about how you got up this morning and your husband made you breakfast,” Sean said.  “And then how later on we walked down the hill and went to the Otter Rock Café and had lunch with a view of the bay, and we watched a sea otter cracking open an oyster.  And after that we walked down to the library and found a couple of good deals in the used book sale, and afterwards we went and got some really good frozen yogurt downtown.  And tonight we went out for a delicious sushi dinner.  Today wasn’t a nothing day.”

“You’re right,” I said.  “Thanks for writing tonight’s blog post for me.”


And I got this much done on the afghan, along with everything else we did today.



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