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Day 72/365: Pink Shell Border


As you know, I’m trying to use up yarn from the stash by making little afghans to give away.  And you also know (from previous photos) that I picked out a pretty yellow and pink self-striping yarn.  However, I don’t think I mentioned that I only had one small skein of that particular brand.  I knew that would give me just enough yarn for half a baby-sized blankie, and sadly, I was right.  I got to the end of the yarn today, and what I’ve crocheted so far measures 13 inches x 22.5 inches, or roughly the size of a dining table placemat.

So.  I scrounged through the stash and came up with a second ball of yarn that’s similar in weight and type (100% acrylic).  I knew it would look unbalanced if I just attached the new yarn and crocheted more rows to extend the rectangle.  It would obviously appear to be a half-and-half afghan made out of two different yarn brands with two different dye lots.  I decided to incorporate the new yarn as a border, instead.


In other news, Sean and I are driving to L.A. this afternoon with plans for a full day tomorrow.  I’ll try to remember to take lots of photos, especially of the Hello Kitty exhibition (yay!  Sean came through with tickets!), if the Japanese American National Museum lets me.




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5 thoughts on “Day 72/365: Pink Shell Border

  1. Thats really cute 🙂

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  2. Absolutely beautiful!

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