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Day 157/365: Second Day of My Mama’s Visit


When I was a little girl, my mom crocheted several cute dresses and tops for me.  (Of course, I didn’t appreciate them at the time because I wanted to be wearing the same kind of store-bought mass-produced clothing that the other kindergarten girls wore.)  I remember admiring those handmade childhood dresses as an adult and asking her once, “What patterns did you use?”

She shrugged and said, “None.  I just made it up myself.”

Today she asked me if I had some extra yarn and a hook that she could borrow.  Naturally, I had those things.  When I asked her what she planned to make, she showed me a white crocheted vest that a friend had given to her as a gift.

“This,” she said.  “I will just copy it.”


Relaxing in the sunroom and starting a crocheted project with no pattern.


Author: FC5

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2 thoughts on “Day 157/365: Second Day of My Mama’s Visit

  1. I’m just browsing WordPress and came across this post. What a lovely post. Really. Stirred so many memories within me. Missing my mom…

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