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Day 156/365: First Day of My Mama’s Visit

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My mom arrived in Morro Bay safely.  This afternoon I took her to the beach to look at the ocean and the Morro Rock.  She was very pleased with her new pair of socks and wore them on our little jaunt.  Unfortunately, this was the only photo I took, even though there were a lot of other nicer ways I could have staged a photograph.  Oh well.  Knowing my mom, she will wear those socks all weekend, so you may be seeing more of them in a different setting.



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One thought on “Day 156/365: First Day of My Mama’s Visit

  1. awwww so sweet!!! I’m going to send you an outline of my luau feet so I can have a pair too … Hahahaha!
    The weather should be perfect to go holo holo. Have fun with Auntie and please post pictures?

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