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Day 179/365: 150 Miles in the Car, Plus 5.62+ Miles on Foot

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I can’t remember if I mentioned that Sean and I are now back on the half marathon training plan.  The schedule called for a 4-mile run today.  So after breakfast this morning, we headed out for our run.  One and .62 miles into it (according to my Garmin wristwatch), the arches of my feet ached and I was thirsty and tired.  I realized that I hadn’t had enough to drink that morning.  Also, I’d chosen to wear a new pair of compression socks, and they were hurting rather than helping me.  I stopped running, and Sean and I walked the rest of the way home.

Since I had another appointment for allergy testing on Monday morning in Oxnard, today’s schedule also called for me and Sean to drive down to Ventura.  After we walked back home, we packed up our stuff and started the 150-mile drive from Morro Bay to Ventura.  We stopped at Los Olivos for lunch.  I made sure to drink a lot of water and iced tea on the drive down, because I was determined to get my 4 miles in today and stick to the training schedule.

We didn’t get back to Ventura until nearly 5 PM, so we didn’t start our run until after 6 PM.  And rather than count this morning’s 1.62 miles, I stuck to 4 miles this evening, which explains why I’m late posting today’s entry and why I am going to be so sore tomorrow.


Look– the heel is turned!



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