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Day 180/365: Allergy Testing Day, Week 2

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Today’s appointment at the allergist’s office was just like last week’s appointment.  It involved being pricked all over my back with various samples of allergens.  Then the nurse set the timer to fifteen minutes.  Last week, I only had a couple of small allergic reactions, but today was different.  Within a minute, I could feel my back becoming incredibly itchy.  The nurse returned to the room to check on me and got started right away with taking notes and measurements of the red areas.  Just as she was finishing up, the timer dinged.  I was glad that she didn’t wait the full fifteen minutes before starting the process of noting the allergic reactions on my back, because she would have come in to find me scratching like crazy.

When I got home, I wanted Sean to take a look at my back.  He was not interested one bit.

“You’re not even looking,” I said.  “See how bad my allergic reaction was?”

“Yeah,” he said.  “I’m hungry and I want to go to lunch.  I kind of don’t want to ruin my appetite.”

Some husband.  Now I know where he draws the line.

Anyway, I knit a few more rows on the orange sock today.  I thought about taking a photo of that, but then I thought you would be more interested in seeing a photo of why Sean didn’t want to ruin his appetite, instead.


Mmmm… Sean had the chirashi bowl.

Luckily, I am not allergic to raw fish.


Salmon, yellowtail, and mackerel sashimi. It helps that we are on the half marathon training plan.


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