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Day 178/365: The Kind of Day for Staying Inside



The morning started out nice and sunny.  Somewhere along the day, though, those gray clouds crept in, resulting in an overcast afternoon and me wanting to start a new project and not knowing where to start.  I looked at my fabric stash and paged through my quilting books and thought about half a dozen quilt top designs I could sew.  I looked at my yarn stash and flipped through back issues of crocheting magazines and thought about half a dozen things that I could crochet.  In the end, I felt so overwhelmed by all of my possible choices that I just lay on the carpeted floor and stared at the ceiling.  And then I thought about sewing a large, patchwork pillowcase cover for the floor pillow.

I ended up not starting a new project.  I picked up the sock and knit a few more rows.  I made a deal with myself to at least finish turning the heel before considering a new project.



Author: FC5

I make things.

2 thoughts on “Day 178/365: The Kind of Day for Staying Inside

  1. I love les juenette’s stock! She’s so adorable. Perfect companion ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    • She did brighten up the day! I’ve thought about changing her outfit, but it really suits her fine. The shoes had to go, though. Notice in the photo how her ankles wobble. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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