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Day 236/365: My Cherimoya Seedlings



Back in June, when my mom was visiting from Hawaii, I purchased a locally grown cherimoya fruit for us to eat as a snack.  “Save the seeds,” my mom said.  “You can grow your own tree from them.”

I followed her directions and wrapped the seeds in a few layers of damp paper towels that I then sealed in a plastic sandwich bag and set on the windowsill.  After several weeks, a few of the seeds had sprouted.  This is what they looked like.


Isn’t that neat?  I’m hoping to nurture these little seedlings and coax them into becoming a stronger plant that will eventually be big enough to plant in the yard.  In the meantime, I’m very tickled with these little sprouts that I planted in a blue Fiestaware teacup.




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2 thoughts on “Day 236/365: My Cherimoya Seedlings

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