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Day 238/365: New Coloring Book and No Time to Color


I got home this evening around 6 PM after a long day in the joint and was pleasantly surprised to find that my new coloring book had arrived.


Unfortunately, I was also scheduled to run 60 minutes today for half marathon training.  So I went out and did that, and then I came home and stretched, and then I made dinner, ate it, cleaned up, put together my lunch for tomorrow, and now it’s ten minutes to my bedtime.

I think I’ll go color.


Author: FC5

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2 thoughts on “Day 238/365: New Coloring Book and No Time to Color

  1. Wow! I would like to have another colouring book too, just to admire the beautiful patterns inside:D I wouldn’t have time to colour it though. I am guessing the book I have now will last me years:)

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  2. I love your blog! I’d be honored to hear your feedback on my adult coloring book, if you’ve got the time:) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/681998790/c-real-killer-designs-a-supreme-coloring-experienc


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