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Day 75/365: Pink Shell Border Completed

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Remember the pink and yellow baby blankie that I was crocheting?  I had run out of the pink and yellow self-striping yarn, so I’d added another yarn in a similar weight and completely different brand.  My plan was to crochet a border around the existing rectangle and hope for the best.

Here’s what it looked like after I completed a round:


Yeah, this is going to be a little baby blankie.

I kept going and had to fudge a little bit at the corners, adding extra shells to make sure that the edges didn’t bunch up or curl.


Those are some improvised corners.

I was able to crochet a few rounds before I ran out of yarn.


Approximately 2.25″ wide of pink shell edging. Not bad for a small ball of scrap yarn.

I used the same shell stitch pattern for the edging as I did for the body of the afghan.  I’m pretty happy with the way the shells naturally made a scalloped edging.

The completed piece isn’t very large (17.5″ by 27″), but it was very satisfying to use up yarn from the stash and transform it into something neat and pretty.  It actually turned out to be a cute mini-afghan.  I could imagine a little girl using it as a baby doll blankie.

More photos tomorrow!


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