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Day 109/365: Pink and Yellow Striped Socks, Completed

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A couple of socks, just hanging out.  Enjoying the sea otters off in the distance.

Today I got it in my head that I wanted to eat a large fisherman’s platter for lunch– you know, the meal consisting of deep fried battered fish and shrimp and scallops and calamari and clam strips, with a hefty side of deep fried French fries thrown in for good measure.  So this afternoon Sean and I walked down to Tognazzini’s Dockside Restaurant near the Embarcadero, and I was fully prepared to feast on a meal of a thousand calories… until we sat down and looked at the menu and my better sense kicked in.  I still ordered the fisherman’s platter, but asked for the seafood to be grilled and substituted rice pilaf for French fries.  I know, boooo.  But I also want to live to at least eighty, with relatively unblocked arteries.

After lunch, we walked down the Promenade and admired the sea otters that were gliding and twirling in the bay just several feet away from us.  I brought my completed pair of socks and took some photos.  I made this pair of socks for a friend, and I purposely started the second sock without matching the color sequence to the first sock.  I thought it would add a little more charm if the socks had mismatched stripes.  I’m hoping my friend will think so, too.


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