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Day 171/365: The Day L.A. Galaxy Plays Philadelphia Union

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I’m typing this entry in a hotel room at the Hampton Inn in Carson.  Sean and I drove into L.A. this afternoon to see the L.A. Galaxy play Philadelphia Union at the Stub Hub Center.  The game starts at 7:30 PM, but we have to leave in a few minutes to allow for the time it takes to walk the mile to the stadium, get through security, check out assorted L.A. Galaxy merchandise, buy me cotton candy and a soft pretzel, mill around with the rest of the crowd, and find our seats.

I brought my knitting along and worked on my sock during the drive.  You can’t really tell from the photo, but I’m up to the gusset, which is where things start to get a little more exciting, because I’m that much closer to turning the heel.  Unfortunately, as much as I’d like to bring my knitting to the game, I’ve been to enough of these events with Sean to know that’s not a good idea.  So I’ll leave the knitting for now and pick it up again for the drive back home.



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One thought on “Day 171/365: The Day L.A. Galaxy Plays Philadelphia Union

  1. Yay! Love the color! Socks got miles already!!

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