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Day 64/365: Full Moon

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I am almost too embarrassed to admit this, but I’ll share with you anyway:  I have been knitting and crocheting so much lately that I think I injured myself a little.  My right arm and shoulder have been sore and aching.  It’s not quite carpal tunnel, but probably something along those lines.  I hate to say it, but I may need to take a break from the needles and hook for a few days.  At least there is the sewing machine, though…

Tonight I left work after 6 PM, which is late for me.  By the time I reached Morro Bay and was turning into my street, the moon was already visible in the sky while the sun was starting to set.  I pulled into my driveway and got out of the car and stood staring at the sky.  It was a really pretty sight.  I love seeing a full moon, and I love that the days are getting longer.  Even though it’s still the same amount of hours, the longer days make me feel like I have more time.  You know what I mean?



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