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Day 181/365: My Monday at Work is Tuesday

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Nothing much happened at work today, except for a fight that broke out between two inmates on our yard, right below the guard tower.  The officer up in the tower fired off a round to make them stop.  I was in the corridor when the yard officers came through the side door and brought in one of the inmates who’d been involved in the fight.  He was in handcuffs and I only saw his back as they escorted him through, but his right hand was bloody.  I couldn’t tell if it was from his own injuries or the other guy’s, but the blood just didn’t seem real to me.  Maybe it was the bright red color, or the way the program in the building continued as usual, with various staff continuing to work in their offices and the correctional officers so matter-of-fact with escorting the inmate down the hall.  Then again, I kept walking until I got to my own office and carried on with my own paperwork, as well.  Just business as usual inside a prison.


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